Cestar Advantages

Cestar High School is Toronto’s leading private high school for both international and domestic students. Our commitment to excellence and providing the best learning environment for every student sets us apart from other public and private high schools. If you are looking for a nurturing environment for your child to excel in academically, look no further than Cestar High School.

Tutor Waiver & Scholarships

Cestar High School is proud to offer a comprehensive range of tutor waiver programs and scholarships for our prospective students. Domestic students with an academic average of 85% or better are eligible for full scholarships worth $4,000 per semester. International students are also eligible for Cestar Entrance Scholarships based on past academic performance and recommendations. It’s all part of our commitment to being the most inclusive private high school in Toronto.

One-On-One Learning

One of the biggest advantages of Cestar High School is extra individual time with professors for each of our students. As a private high school in Toronto, our class sizes are significantly smaller than our public school counterparts. This allows teachers more time to focus on each student individually, guiding them through the curriculum and helping them with any problem areas they might be experiencing. This extra attention gives students a chance to learn at their own pace and ensure they leave the classroom with a complete understanding of the course work.

100% Guaranteed Admission

Students of Cestar High School have guaranteed admission to Cestar College of Business, Health, and Technology upon graduation. With successful completion of an eligible admissions test, private high school students in Toronto can take advantage of an automatic place at our sister college. Cestar College offers a range of modern courses in the latest technology, business and health industries to help students follow the career of their dreams.

Full Resources Access

Every Cestar High School student receives access to the full range of study and learning resources of both Cestar High School and Cestar College. This includes expanded libraries, study guides, learning materials, professors, and tutoring programs. When utilised to their fullest, these resources can help students of private high schools in Toronto reach their true academic potential.

University Placement

Cestar High School also offers a comprehensive university placement assistance program to each of our students. We invite representatives from the University of Toronto, York University, McMaster University, Waterloo University, Queen’s University, Western University, as well as universities from the East Coast and West Coast of Canada to visit with our students as they plan their post-secondary careers. This allows private high school students in Toronto the chance to fully access their options and create the futures they want.

If you are ready to give your child the future they deserve, contact Cestar High School today.

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