Our Vision & Mission

Cestar High School will be an exemplary learning community whose students are supported as they pursue their academic goals and personal ambition. We will ensure that every student receives the personalized care and attention they need to reach their potential in whatever they choose to pursue in their futures. Cestar High School aims to create an inclusive learning environment that fosters collaboration and friendship for every student.
Cestar High School (BSID: 885635) is located in Toronto, Canada’s economic and cultural centre. We are an independent, university preparatory high school dedicated to serving the needs of our students. We achieve our vision and mission through highly qualified, caring teachers and staff that will work with students to achieve growth in development of academic aptitudes, social skills, physical wellness and character competencies. We hope that all our students reach their personal best in their high school experience and are prepared to pursue their future studies and careers.

Cestar High school is located on the campus of Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology

  • Registered as a private career college under the private career colleges Act, 2005.
  • Member in good standing with Career Colleges Ontario and the National Association of Career Colleges.
  • Dedicated to helping students get the most from their training, and preparing them for successful careers.

For more information, please visit: www.cestarcollege.com

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Janine R


“It is nice that students are not just a test grade anymore — character is what counts the most. All schools should be like this.”

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