17 Mar

Previously, we counted the IELTS requirements and various exemption methods applied by Canadian universities. Recently, some students raised the idea that it is difficult to improve the scores of the language tests, but they still want to enter prestigious universities.

Today, we will take a look at the language programs of the top ten famous universities in Canada. If you don’t have enough language scores, you can still go to a famous university!

University of Toronto

The “Academic English” program is provided by the School of Continuing Studies. Upon successful completion of the Academic English Level 60 course, students must ask the English Language Program office to send the results electronically to Enrolment Services.

Successful completion of the program with a grade of B or higher satisfies the language facility requirement of the University of Toronto as well as some other universities and colleges.

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The University of British Columbia

The language program in UBC is called English for Academic Purposes (EAP) On-Campus.

Students will achieve the receive an official transcript with marks and attendance. The UBC Certificate in English Language (CEL) granted upon successful completion of the 600 level of the EAP Program meets the UBC English Language Admission Standard. Students can use the CEL as proof of meeting the minimum English language requirement when applying for a UBC undergraduate program.

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McGill University

The language program of Mcgill University, Certificate of Proficiency – English for Professional Communication is provided by the School of Continuing Studies.

Applicants whose level of English proficiency falls slightly below the requirement may be considered for conditional admission. These candidates must complete the appropriate English program at the McGill School of Continuing Studies before entering their McGill degree program.

Due to the epidemic, all courses are currently provided online.

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University of Alberta

The language program at the University of Alberta is called the Bridging Program.

The Bridging Program (BP) is a program for excellent students who meet all of UAlberta’s academic criteria but still need to improve their English skills in order to enter a degree program. When students begin studies in the BP, they will be part of one of these Faculties. Students can choose from more than 50 courses during their time in the BP.

After completing the BP successfully, students can continue as full-time undergraduate students at UAlberta, and students will already have credit that will count towards the degree.

The BP program contains two stages: BP1 and BP2.

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McMaster University

The language program at McMaster University is called the McMaster English Language Development program.

Students who meet the academic requirements for one of the undergraduate programs but do not meet the minimum English-language proficiency scores may wish to consider applying to the MELD program. Acceptance into the MELD program includes a conditional offer of admission from an undergraduate program. Successful completion of the MELD Diploma guarantees admission into the undergraduate program that the student originally received the conditional offer from.

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University of Waterloo

There are 2 language programs at the University of Waterloo: English Language for Academic Success (ELAS) Program for students of the Faculty of Mathematics; Bridge to Academic Success in English (BASE) Program for students of other faculties.

If students meet Waterloo’s academic admission requirements but don’t meet the English language requirement, they may be admitted to the two programs.

Once students have successfully completed the programs, they can begin studying full-time towards their degree. The undergraduate credit course(s) they take during the programs count toward their degree. All courses are currently completed online.

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Western University

The language programs in Western University are provided by Western English Language Centre. There are 2 programs: Academic English Program(AEP) and English Boost Program(EBP).

Students may be considered for conditional admission to attend Western after successful completion of the Academic English program, provided that they meet the academic requirements for admission to Western.

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Queen’s University

Queen’s University provides 2 language programs according to different scores that students submitted: English for Academic Purposes(EAP) & QBridge Accelerated.

Both language programs are for students who are academically competitive for admission to a Queen’s undergraduate degree program, but who do not meet the required admission standard for English language proficiency.

Students move into their undergraduate studies as soon as they meet the exit requirements. All courses are provided online.

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University of Ottawa

The language program at University of Ottawa is called English Intensive Program(EIP).

Depending on the students’ language test scores, they might be admitted with language conditions. Students may be required to enroll in one or two English-as-a-second-language courses during the first year or complete the English Intensive Program (EIP).

Students might have to enroll in and pass the EIP before they can start their program. If students pass the most advanced EIP course (ESL 0140) with a final grade of B or higher, they will not have to pass one of the above language tests.

Students who have applied for admission to the Telfer School of Management are not eligible for the English Intensive Program.

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York University

The language programs are provided by York University English Language Institute.

Students with unsuccessful English language test results can boost their proficiency and still obtain admission to York by completing a program at the York University English Language Institute (YUELI).

There are 2 programs that are available to students with conditional admission to an undergraduate degree program at York University: Destination York and YUBridge.

After finished the programs, students can meet the minimum language requirement for full admission to York University and continue degree courses without other language tests.

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