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Cestar High School (BSID: 885635) is located in Toronto, Canada’s economic and cultural centre. We are an independent, university preparatory high school dedicated to serving the needs of our students. We achieve our vision and mission through highly qualified, caring teachers and staff that will work with students to achieve growth in development of academic aptitudes, social skills, physical wellness and character competencies. We hope that all our students reach their personal best in their high school...Read More

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Cestar Advantages

  • Tuition Waiver & Scholarships
  • 100% Guaranteed Admission
  • Full Resources Accessible
  • University Placement
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“Exemplary core curriculum, extensive arts, project-based learning, small class size, one-on-one tutoring and counseling, all-season field trips, most of their teachers are OCT with greater than five years of commitment, and a proactive leadership program which sends our kids into the global community doing service.”

Janine R


“It is nice that students are not just a test grade anymore — character is what counts the most. All schools should be like this.”

Iskender P


“You are doing what public schools can only talk about and wish they could accomplish.”

Paula S

Instructor, Cestar College of Business, Health...

What is Cestar High School?

CHS is a private, co-ed high school located in north end of Toronto, Ontario.

Who is eligible for education at Cestar High...

CHS is currently offering courses to students in grade 11 and 12 who are on a path to attend college/university. We accept both domestic and international students.

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