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After leaving high school, the next big step you can take is choosing a college or university to go to. Luckily, Cestar is the best high school in Toronto to help you with this seemingly daunting process. Every step of the way, from setting up an Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) account to scheduling school tours, Cestar is here to provide a helping hand to all of our students.

Keep reading to find out how Cestar will help you on your journey to university with their helpful university placement!

Ontario University Application Centre Accounts

The first step in applying for university is setting up an account with the Ontario University Application Centre if you are applying to schools within Ontario.

There are a few requirements to be able to set up an account with OUAC. The two most qualifying requirements are that you must be taking day courses at a high school in Ontario, and are set to accept your Ontario Secondary School Diploma with 6 university level or mixed-level courses by the end of the school year. You must not have previously attended a post-secondary institution, and you must be under 21 years of age. These are the requirements if you are a Canadian resident filling out the 101 application.

If you are an international student or not currently attending high school, you will fill out the 105 application. To qualify for this you need to be residing in Canada or are a citizen living out of the country and not attending Ontario high school, or you are not currently attending Ontario high school and are not a Canadian citizen.

For any students who are looking for some guidance throughout the process of setting up an OUAC account, we can help! Cestar is the best high school in Toronto to help you fulfill and understand this process.

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Ongoing Training & Workshops

Not all university applications are made the same. Every university has its own requirements for grades and averages, classes, and what to include in the application.

Usually, universities will require that you maintain a certain grade point average (GPA), and minimum marks for a class like English. When choosing courses in your final year of high school, you need to remain mindful of what the requirements will be for your future university, and Cestar is the best high school in Toronto do help you do that.

Some programs and universities also require a letter of intent stating why you want to attend the program that you are applying for. It can be a very overwhelming process when you’re 17 or 18, but university workshops offered by Cestar will help give you guidance and peace of mind so that you can set yourself up for future success.

Finding the Right School

We understand how hard it can be to look into the future and know exactly what career you want, as well as where you went to spend years of your life getting an education to do so. However, Cestar is Toronto’s best high school to help you figure it out!

If you have a general idea of what you want to study, we can help you find the right program and school that suits you. Whether it be engineering or arts, there is a program for everyone. Even if you aren’t entirely sure what you want to study, there are some universities offer very general programs that can turn into specialties. For example, you can enter a university for general engineering, then decide in your second year if you want to do mechanical or civil engineering.

Cestar will help you know your options for your major and help you look into what else the university has to offer. When doing so, it is very important to consider the university’s ranking, what their courses are like, what is offered for student life, and what educational resources will be provided throughout your education.

You should also take the student accommodations into consideration, especially if you do not plan on attending a university close to home. You may end up moving far away from your loved ones, and it is incredibly important that you have opportunities to make connections at school that will help reduce homesickness. If you’re someone who doesn’t like being away from home for too long, it may be best that you consider a school closer to Toronto. Additionally, you may want to be mindful of the cost of living and tuition, which differs widely between universities and university programs.

Overall, there is a lot to consider when picking your program and university. That’s what we’re here for and Cestar is the best high school in Toronto to help you narrow down those infinite choices.

University Admissions Counsellors

Cestar brings in university admission counsellors to meet with prospective students and give them new information about university applications and programs. With the amount of different application processes and requirements, they are a great asset to have on your side with their up-to-date information. Usually, the program’s grade average requirement will change depending on the averages of the students who are applying. For example, the average one year to get in may be 78%, but the next year it may be 80% because of the averages of the students applying. It is extremely useful to have this information as you’re applying to universities, because it’ll help you figure out where your grades can take you, and Cestar’s university placement makes it the best high school in Toronto to do that.

A university campus.

University Campus Tours

Campus environment is an extremely important component in university life, especially if you are going to be living on campus. Ease of navigation and availability of campus resources can be critical in deciding what university you want to go to, so it is important to have a campus tour if the situation allows it. Cestar is the best high school in Toronto to organize these tours to help you decide which university will fit you best.

Taking tours can help you decide if you like being in the middle of everything, on a campus like Ryerson University, or if you like being in a university town, like with McMaster University. You may not even realize before that you have a preference, so it is best to take advantage of these tours so you can feel out which environment will work the best for you during your studies.

The Best High School in Toronto

Choosing what university to go to can be intimidating, and it can be hard to figure out where to start. Cestar is the best high school in Toronto to help you cruise through the process with confidence. Visit Cestar today to see how they can help you with high school, university, and beyond!

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“Overall I think that the tutoring in chemistry has helped help me grasp new concepts, provided me with enough practice, and made clear of questions that I’ve had throughout the chemistry course. I feel that I am much better prepared for the upcoming school year.”

Ben Yang


“All the classes I had with my teacher (Ms. Sangeeta) were really perfect. The teacher was very kind to me and kept telling me what I didn’t understand. And for me in Korea, my teacher started class at 6 o’clock, which is very early in Canadian time. I am very grateful for it. Science and mathematics were very difficult subjects for me, but thanks to the teacher, I was able to take the final exam without much difficulty. And my school makes a lot of effort for the students. Always try to make sure that students get better grades and don’t feel difficult. I like this school very much.”

Stella Jang


“This class was my first Canadian class. Thanks to your kind explanation and guidance, I was able to adapt well to the Canadian class. I’m satisfied with my grades and stay healthy. Thank you so much for everything.”

Sungjin Choi


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Great private high school in Toronto. The location is in a good part of town, more North York area than Toronto but it’s right off the highway so it’s not hard to get to. Right near Fairview mall. The staff there is very nice and they were very helpful in answering all of my questions. They offer a lot for their students not only in terms of education but helpful after school activities and off campus trips, like going to Blue Mountain during the winter time. Overall, great choice. Right near the college as well. They also offer good tuition, not like some other schools in Toronto. Would recommend!

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The faculty at Cestar High School have been incredible during my courses. Very helpful, lots of one on one time with professors, and a great community. Overall great private high school in Toronto #privatehighschool #toronto

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5 out of 5 stars

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