Learning At Cestar

Academic Programs

A full range of courses in the mathematic disciplines are offered by highly qualified instructors. Functions (linear, quadratic and trigonometric), Data Management (statistics) and Calculus and Vectors are all key courses required for university…

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Project-based Learning

At Cestar High School, we encourage our teachers and staff to support learning experiences throughProject Based Learning (PBL).These projects help students practice real world problem solving, communication and presentation skills.

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Customized Study Plan

Our academic advisers help students to develop a customized learning plan. The courses selected in this plan are designed for needs of the students’ interest, and the requirements of the university or college, which the students wish to attend.

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University Placement

Help our students to set up their OUAC (Ontario University Application Center) accounts.
Provide ongoing training and workshop about university application, program selections and university life.

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Student Services

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
OSSLT Training
One on One After-school Tutoring
A Full Range of Guidance for Students Including Course Selection

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“Exemplary core curriculum, extensive arts, project-based learning, small class size, one-on-one tutoring and counseling, all-season field trips, most of their teachers are OCT with greater than five...”

Janine R


“It is nice that students are not just a test grade anymore — character is what counts the most. All schools should be like this.”

Iskender P


“You are doing what public schools can only talk about and wish they could accomplish.”

Paula S

Instructor, Cestar College of Business, Health...