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Cestar High School offers an extensive range of academic programs at its Toronto high school. Covering all essential parts of the Ontario School Board curriculum, our academic programs provide a holistic learning experience for our students. We focus on important subjects for career development, general education, and student interest.
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A full range of courses in the mathematics disciplines are offered by highly qualified instructors. Functions (linear, quadratic and trigonometric), Data Management (statistics) and Calculus and Vectors are all key Toronto high school courses required for university programs such as sciences, engineering and sociology. We offer a range of classes to suit different skill levels to ensure each student feels comfortable with the coursework and is given the best chance at succeeding.


A broad perspective is taken with the sciences. Physics, biology and chemistry are offered in hands-on, laboratory settings. Using state of the art equipment, our professors are experts in their fields and spend more time with each individual student to help them understand the world around them. Our highly trained teachers also guide students in preparation for university and real life laboratory settings, giving them a glimpse into what a career in science might look like for them.
Academic Programs

Canadian/World Studies

With a focus on a global community, students are able to study Geography, History and Law. Courses are offered with either a Canadian focus or a World focus. Research skills, writing techniques and critical thinking skills are developed for ongoing university studies and real world settings. Our high school in Toronto helps international students acclimatise to Canadian life by teaching them the history and geography of their new home.


Students will work with a variety of texts that include novels, plays, poetry and graphic text. With an emphasis on strong written and oral communication skills, themes found in modern culture will be explored. Students will be prepared for the rigors of university writing through extensive essay writing, presentations, group work, and thesis development. Our experienced English professors are dedicated to helping students for whom English is a second language to get more comfortable with communicating and help them feel at ease with their classmates.


Cestar High School in Toronto offers courses in business theory and management as well as accounting to help students prepare for financial careers and responsibilities. Students will explore both Canadian and international models of business using case studies as models. Basic accounting and bookkeeping processes are taught to students will real world data to help them manage their own finances and develop their skills for future employment opportunities.

Social Sciences

Students critical thinking and communication skills will be challenged in courses such as philosophy, sociology, and psychology. Students are prepared for the extended thinking that is required for the study of these topics in university through extensive essay analysis, group activities, and presentations. Cestar High School in Toronto offers one of the most comprehensive social science programs in Ontario, helping both domestic and international students reach new heights of academic achievement.

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“Overall I think that the tutoring in chemistry has helped help me grasp new concepts, provided me with enough practice, and made clear of questions that I’ve had throughout the chemistry course. I feel that I am much better prepared for the upcoming school year.”

Ben Yang


“All the classes I had with my teacher (Ms. Sangeeta) were really perfect. The teacher was very kind to me and kept telling me what I didn’t understand. And for me in Korea, my teacher started class at 6 o’clock, which is very early in Canadian time. I am very grateful for it. Science and mathematics were very difficult subjects for me, but thanks to the teacher, I was able to take the final exam without much difficulty. And my school makes a lot of effort for the students. Always try to make sure that students get better grades and don’t feel difficult. I like this school very much.”

Stella Jang


“This class was my first Canadian class. Thanks to your kind explanation and guidance, I was able to adapt well to the Canadian class. I’m satisfied with my grades and stay healthy. Thank you so much for everything.”

Sungjin Choi


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Great private high school in Toronto. The location is in a good part of town, more North York area than Toronto but it’s right off the highway so it’s not hard to get to. Right near Fairview mall. The staff there is very nice and they were very helpful in answering all of my questions. They offer a lot for their students not only in terms of education but helpful after school activities and off campus trips, like going to Blue Mountain during the winter time. Overall, great choice. Right near the college as well. They also offer good tuition, not like some other schools in Toronto. Would recommend!

Reviewer: Tiffany Gilmour


5 out of 5 stars

The faculty at Cestar High School have been incredible during my courses. Very helpful, lots of one on one time with professors, and a great community. Overall great private high school in Toronto #privatehighschool #toronto

Reviewer: Phoenix Menday


5 out of 5 stars

Read what clients have to say about Cestar High School