29 Nov

New Year Wishes and Christmas Holiday Notice

Unconsciously, the end of the year is coming again. Christmas is in three weeks. I would like to thank all readers and friends for your support and love over the past year!

2023 has a different meaning for everyone. Some students joined Cestar High School, this warm family, and some students graduated with offers from prestigious universities.

As the epidemic of COVID-19 came to an end, everyone’s work and study life have gradually returned to normal. The normal offline classes in Cestar High School have also fully resumed.

As the weather gets colder recently, the flu and COVID seem to be hitting us again. It’s good to get vaccinated as soon as possible, wear masks in public places, exercise more to improve immunity, s that everyone can avoid delaying normal study due to physical discomfort.

Cestar High School will end all classes on Friday, December 22st, and will start winter vacation from Saturday, December 23rd.

From Monday, January 8, 2024, Cestar High School will start a new semester and start the year of 2024.

When the school starts in January 2024, Cestar High School will still continue the trinity teaching system of online live broadcast + online school + offline classes.

Thanks to all the teachers of Cestar High School for their hard work in the past year. I wish you good health, success in your work and happiness in your family in the new year!

Thank you to all students for choosing Cestar High School, and I wish you all success in your studies in the new year, achieve better scores, and be admitted to your favorite colleges and universities!

Merry Christmas! happy New Year! The new year will be full of good fortune, and all your wishes will come true!


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