06 May

Cestar Summer Program is coming!

As the weather gets warmer in May, flowers and plants appear in Toronto again. Many parents are also planning their children’s summer life. Summer care has always been a pain point for parents: children do not go to school for several months during the summer, but parents cannot take several months off to take care of their children at home. At this time, summer care programs that can not only take care of children but also teach them knowledge are very practical!
Cestar is now launching the 2024 summer program to provide help to parents! The specific enrollment situation is:
♦Primary School students in Grade 1-8
♦July 8 to August 23, 2024, every Monday to Friday, a total of 7 weeks and 35 days
♦Every day 8:30am-6:30pm

At the summer program, Cestar teaches the children in the morning:
♦Intensive English
♦French basics
♦Chinese or French language study
♦STEM training
Various interest classes are offered in the afternoon:
♦Painting and Drawing
♦Arts and crafts
♦Basketball and sports
♦Story reading
♦Presentation skills
♦Chinese literature reading
♦English literature appreciation
♦Drama performances
♦Humanities and History
♦Movie Appreciation
In addition to learning knowledge, children can also have fun and enjoy summer vacation together.

Registration for Cestar Summer Camp is now open:
♦The weekly fee is only $350, allowing renewal for the next week before the end of each week;
♦Discount available if you sign up/renew for two weeks at a time, $320 per week;
♦Discount available if you sign up/renew for three or more weeks at a time, $300 per week;
♦Discount available if you sign up the entire program, the total price $2,100;
♦Discount available if you sign up the entire program before June 20, the total price $2,000.

Let your children improve their comprehensive soft skills during the summer! Seats are limited, first come, first served! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and scan the QR code below to contact Cestar teacher to sign up for Cestar summer program!