06 May

Cestar Summer Program is coming!

As the weather gets warmer in May, flowers and plants appear in Toronto again. Many parents are also planning their children’s summer life. Summer care has always been a pain point for parents: children do not go to school for several months during the summer, but parents cannot take several months off to take care of their children at home. Read More

29 Nov

New Year Wishes and Christmas Holiday Notice

Unconsciously, the end of the year is coming again. Christmas is in three weeks. I would like to thank all readers and friends for your support and love over the past year! 2023 has a different meaning for everyone. Some students joined Cestar High School, this warm family, and some students graduated with offers from prestigious universities. Read More

13 Nov

Ontario Universities 2024 Fall Term Application...

OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre) has released the key dates of undergraduate programs applying for Ontario Universities 2024 fall term. The website of OUAC Key Dates is: https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/undergrad-dates/ If you would like to enter Ontario universities in 2024 September, you must obey these key dates. Read More

29 Apr

Cestar High School Welcomes Business Cooperation

Educational Agency in Canada and abroad We are willing to share Canada's abundant resources of international students and institutions with you providing generous commission sharing plans, to establishing a mutually beneficial partnership. Read More

20 Apr

The New Building of Cestar High School is Going...

During the epidemic, Cestar High School constructed and renovated a new teaching building 259 Yorkland Rd, North York, ON M2J 0B5 The new teaching building has 2 floors and can accommodate 500 students for daily teaching activities. Read More