17 Mar

Previously, we counted the IELTS requirements and various exemption methods applied by Canadian universities. Recently, some students raised the idea that it is difficult to improve the scores of the language tests, but they still want to enter prestigious universities. Today, we will take a look at the language programs of the top ten famous universities in Canada. Read More

08 Dec

The huge differences between OUAC 101 and 105...

Students and parents who are familiar with Canadian universities know that although other provinces have excellent universities such as UBC and McGill University, in the overall application plan, nobody can ignore the well-known universities in Ontario. Read More

02 Dec

Scholarships that you don’t know in...

The saddest thing for international students every year is that tuition fees are going up again and again! As a country with great welfare, Canada lowers tuition fees for local students every year. However, the overall financial expenditure of the universities will not be adjusted on a large scale, so international students have to pay a higher tuition fee year after year. Read More

19 Jun How To Choose Your University Major

How To Choose Your University Major?

If you’re edging towards the end of high school, you’re probably very excited and anxious to wrap up this chapter of your academic career. While you’ve worked hard to get to where you are today, your next steps are what will truly determine the course of your career. Read More

01 Jan College And University Application 101: All You Need To Know

To-Do List For Applying To Colleges And...

Many teens are okay cruising through high school and letting other factors influence what happens after graduation. Oftentimes they need to be pushed to think about their future and plan for it. Read More