11 Apr Ultimate Guide To Toronto Student Living

Ultimate Guide To Toronto Student Living

Welcome to the big city! Going to a new private high school is an exciting opportunity for any student, but coupling that with a big move takes that excitement up to a whole new level. For international students who’ve never been to Toronto before -- you’re probably both excited and anxious to embark on this adventure because you don’t quite know what to expect. Read More

21 Mar Is private school right for my family?

Is private school right for my family?

Deciding whether or not to enroll your child into a private high school can be a big decision for any family. There are many different factors at play, especially when you have a public school system to compare it to. How close is it to your home? Will my child feel comfortable there? Can we afford it? These are all questions that can play on your mind when making the decision. Read More

22 Feb How Does A Private High School Help International Students Assimilate?

How Does A Private High School Help International...

Many international students look to Canada as an ideal location to attend high school and learn about a different culture. Canada is a prosperous, open, friendly, and beautiful place to live and many people hope to call home one day. Attending a private high school in Canada is a great way to get a feel for the culture and start the journey towards becoming a new Canadian. Read More

05 Feb

What Is The Average Cost Of Living For A High...

Moving to Toronto for high school can be a daunting but very exciting opportunity for many high school students. Toronto is the business capital of Canada and is the fourth largest city in North America, offering up endless options for education, careers, and culture. Being a bit city, however, living expenses are typically higher than for more suburban or rural centres. Read More

20 Dec Why Does My Child Need An OSSD

Why Does My Child Need An OSSD?

When looking to send your child to high school, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). This piece of paper seems to be govern everything about your child’s future and will take up the majority of their formative years in the education system. But is it actually important for your child to receive their OSSD? Read More