21 May summer program enrolling

Cestar High School Summer Classes, APPLY NOW!

Unconsciously, May has already come quietly, and summer is coming. It’s believed that many students and parents want to make good use of the time of summer vacation to join summer classes. Cestar High School is now open for register summer courses, accepting consultation and registration from students and parents! Telephone: 647-896-6362. Read More

21 Nov Benefits of Doing a Homestay Program

Benefits of Doing a Homestay Program

It can be an exciting but scary journey to leave home and stay with a new family in an unfamiliar country. Cestar’s international high school in Toronto offers an amazing and safe opportunity for international students to leave home and learn abroad in a nurturing environment. Jump into this article to learn about why you should consider a homestay program in Toronto with Cestar High School! Read More

13 Nov Private high school students in Toronto.

Programs And Courses Offered At Cestar High School

Cestar High School proudly offers an abundant number of programs that not only adheres to the Ontario School Board curriculum but programs that are unique and of great interest to the students that go to the school as well. We pride ourselves in setting up our students for success for years down the road, especially for post secondary education. Read More

11 Oct Cestar High School student applying to scholarships in Toronto.

Tips on Applying for Scholarships

If you’re heading into your last year of high school, apart from all your college and university applications, you’re probably also looking into the various scholarships available to you as well. Scholarships are worth looking into and applying for because if you win the prize, it’s a great opportunity to help finance your post secondary education. Read More

02 Sep Toronto private high school student studying after class.

What Are Some Study Tips For High Schoolers?

As we start the new school year, it’s the perfect time to break old study habits and form new ones that will keep you in tip-top shape throughout the upcoming school year. You’ve had two months to relax and reenergize, and now it’s time to redirect that energy into productive study habits! Read More