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Scholarships that you don’t know in Canadian universities

The saddest thing for international students every year is that tuition fees are going up again and again!

As a country with great welfare, Canada lowers tuition fees for local students every year. However, the overall financial expenditure of the universities will not be adjusted on a large scale, so international students have to pay a higher tuition fee year after year.

Facing rising tuition fees, universities actually have some scholarship programs specifically for international students. Today we will take a look at scholarships that you don’t know about in Canadian universities.

Basic setting of scholarships

The basic settings of different scholarships in Canadian universities are different. The usual categories include:

Freshmen VS current students
No need to apply VS need to apply VS need to get nominated
Undergraduate VS Master and PhD
International students VS local students
All majors VS specific majors
Fixed amount VS variable amount VS medals and awards

Different scholarships have different requirements for students, but they basically require students to achieve a sufficiently high level in the school rankings.

In addition, there are also some scholarships that require students to have sufficient academic achievements or require students’ nationality, gender, major, college, or high school that students graduated from.

University of Toronto

Only on the undergraduate level, the University of Toronto allows international students to apply for more than 1,000 scholarships, and there are nearly 200 admission scholarships for undergraduate international students.

Take three admission scholarships as examples:

University Of Toronto Scholar
Applicants must have excellent overall academic standards;
Students will be automatically considered when enrolling;
The scholarship amount is $7,500.

Shou-Yun Pang Scholarship
Applicants must be from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan;
Applicants must have excellent high school academic results at the time of admission and also need financial support.
Students will be automatically considered when enrolling;
The amount of the scholarship varies according to the individual circumstances of the student.

U of T Engineering International Scholar Award
Awarded to students entering the first year of any undergraduate course in the School of Science and Engineering;
Applicants must be enrolled in a high school outside of Canada;
Based on outstanding high school academic performance and demonstrated leadership skills through participation in the school or community;
The award can be awarded every year during the professional course (the maximum time is 4 years), provided that at least an average score of 75% is maintained;
Students will be automatically considered;
Scholarship amount: variable, up to a total of $80,000 for 4 years.

Other scholarship programs of the University of Toronto can be found through the following links:

The University of British Columbia

UBC has dozens of scholarship programs open to international students at various stages, with a total amount of more than 30 million Canadian dollars. Students from about 105 countries can apply.

Take the following two scholarships as examples:

Other scholarship programs of UBC can be searched through the following links:

McGill University

McGill University has prepared a handbook of student scholarships to refer to. There are 179 pages of various scholarships, totaling more than 3 million Canadian dollars, of which international students can get about 40% of the amount. The admission scholarship for undergraduate freshmen is about 4.7 million Canadian dollars, of which about two-thirds are obtained by international students.

The scholarship program of McGill University can be searched through the following links:

Western University

Western University provides a total of 33 scholarships for international students, and there are clear regulations on the application time, requirements, and conditions.

Among them, the admission scholarship mainly includes the following three:

The scholarship Program of Western University can be inquired through the following link:

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo offers 139 scholarships for international undergraduate students.

And there is a special admission scholarship for international students, each can get $10,000.

The University of Waterloo Scholarship Program can be found through the following links:

McMaster University

There are various types of scholarships at McMaster University, including Entrance Scholarships, In-course Awards, Community Contribution Awards, Travel, and Exchange Awards, Awards for Graduating students, Specialty Scholarships, and External scholarships.

There are 7 international undergraduate admission scholarships at McMaster University. Four of them are automatically assessed by the school, and three require students to apply. Take the following three admission scholarships as examples:

The McMaster Chinese Alumni – Peter George International Entrance Scholarships
International students of any major in the first year;
The amount is variable, usually $3,000

The Woo Family International Entrance Scholarships
International students of any major in the first year;
The amount is variable, usually $3,000

The Columbia International College Community Leader Award
First-year international students of Columbia International College;
The amount is variable, usually 4×$5,000

Other scholarship programs of McMaster University can be found through the following links:

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta provides scholarships for students at both university and college levels, including awards and scholarships with millions of Canadian dollars each year for international students.

If a student achieves a UAlberta admission average of 90% or higher, he could be eligible for $9,000 CAD or more in scholarships. Top students can even receive over $29,000 CAD. Besides, students can receive more than one scholarship. Students will also be considered automatically for several scholarships when they are admitted to UAlberta.

Other scholarship programs of the University of Alberta can be found through the following links:

Queen’s University

Queen’s University provides different scholarship programs for different types of students: student athletes, Indigenous students, students with disabilities, part-time students, mature female students, international students, etc.

Take several admission scholarships that international students can apply for as examples:

Principal’s Scholarship: $4,000

Excellence Scholarship: $1,500

Queen’s University International Admission Scholarship: $9,000

Other scholarship programs of Queen’s University can be found through the following links:

York University

At York University, there are both school-level scholarships which are automatically awarded based on student performance, and independent scholarship programs from colleges.

Take the York University admission scholarship as an example:

Other scholarship programs of York University can be found through the following links:

University of Ottawa

As a world-renowned English-French bilingual university, the University of Ottawa also adheres to the focus on French in the field of scholarships: in addition to the regular scholarships, the University of Ottawa has also established special scholarships for studying some majors in French as a second language in order to encourage students to use French as a language of study.

Take international student scholarships as an example:

Other scholarship programs of the University of Ottawa can be found through the following link:

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University clearly stated on the official website that international students should raise funds on their own to meet the needs of applying for visas and study life. Grants and scholarships are provided to students only as supplementary funds, which cannot meet all the financial needs of students.

However, the value of admission scholarships for international students at Simon Fraser University is variable. The minimum is $10,000 Canadian dollars, and the maximum can meet the full tuition of students’ undergraduate studies.

The Simon Fraser University Scholarship Program can be inquired through the following links:

University of Victoria

The University of Victoria provides admission scholarships of more than 3.5 million Canadian dollars each year, and they are non-repayable.

International students can receive different admission scholarships depending on their scores, and the exact scholar values of each year depend on the available funds. However, the admission scholarships for international undergraduate students range from $3,000 to $10,000 each year.

The Victoria University Scholarship Program can be inquired through the following links:

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary offers 9 scholarships for international students, ranging from $1,600 to $16,000.

Take the University of Calgary International Student Entrance Scholarship as an example:

University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship
Amount: $15,000;
Students can apply continuously every year, but there are requirements for students’ scores and credits in the past year.

The University of Calgary Scholarship Program can be inquired through the following links:

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University’s scholarship assessment scope is wide, including students’ academic achievement, leadership, extracurricular involvement, community service, financial need, and cultural identity.

Dalhousie University clearly stated the scholarship application steps on the official website, including deadlines, application materials, etc.

The scholarship programs of Dalhousie University can be found through the following links:

University of Windsor

The University of Windsor allocates over $10,000,000 in scholarships, bursaries, and awards to students annually. Many of them are funded by the contributions of very generous donors who include alumni, faculty and staff, organizations, and the community as a whole.

As long as they meet the conditions, international students will be automatically considered for the University of Windsor’s open admission scholarship program.

The scholarship programs of the University of Windsor can be found through the following link:

Canada welcomes international students through official policies such as visas and immigration. At the same time, universities also generate great scholarships for international students.

After reviewing the scholarship programs of the top 15 universities in Canada, don’t wait any longer and plan your study abroad career in Canada!


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