Tuition & Fee Details For International Students

Admission Fee C$100
High School Tuition C$18,000/year for international students (includes eight to ten high school courses in one year, after-school tutoring, IELTS/TOEFL training)
Guardianship Fee C$1,500/year (if the student is under 18, custodianship shall be applied mandatorily; if the student has guardian in Canada, the guardian’s information shall be provided by e-mail or fax)
Medical Insurance C$1,000/year
Basic Allowance C$1,000/month (includes homestay: three meals, furniture, Wi-Fi, linens, laundry facilities and opportunities to participate in a family atmosphere)
Books and other fees may apply

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Read what clients have to say about Cestar High School

Great private high school in Toronto. The location is in a good part of town, more North York area than Toronto but it’s right off the highway so it’s not hard to get to. Right near Fairview mall. The staff there is very nice and they were very helpful in answering all of my questions. They offer a lot for their students not only in terms of education but helpful after school activities and off campus trips, like going to Blue Mountain during the winter time. Overall, great choice. Right near the college as well. They also offer good tuition, not like some other schools in Toronto. Would recommend!

Reviewer: Tiffany Gilmour


5 out of 5 stars

The faculty at Cestar High School have been incredible during my courses. Very helpful, lots of one on one time with professors, and a great community. Overall great private high school in Toronto #privatehighschool #toronto

Reviewer: Phoenix Menday


5 out of 5 stars