Academic High School Programs


A full range of courses in the mathematic disciplines are offered by highly qualified instructors. Functions (linear, quadratic and trigonometric), Data Management (statistics) and Calculus and Vectors are all key courses required for university programs such as sciences, engineering and sociology.


A broad perspective is taken with the sciences. Physics, biology and chemistry are offered in hands-on, laboratory settings. Highly trained teachers guide students in preparation of university and real life laboratory settings.

-Canadian/World Studies

With a focus on a global community students are able to study Geography, History and Law. Courses are offered with either a Canadian focus or a World focus. Research skills, writing techniques and critical thinking skills are developed for ongoing university studies and real world settings.


Students will work with a variety of texts that include novels, plays, poetry and graphic text. With an emphasis on strong written and oral communication skills, themes found in modern culture will be explored. Students will be prepared for the rigors of university writing.


Courses in business theory and management as well as accounting are offered. Students will explore both Canadian and international models of business using case studies as models. Basic accounting and bookkeeping processes are taught to students will real world data.

-Social Sciences

Students critical thinking and communication skills will be challenged in courses such as philosophy, sociology and psychology. Students are prepared for the extended thinking that is required for the study of these topics in university.

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“Exemplary core curriculum, extensive arts, project-based learning, small class size, one-on-one tutoring and counseling, all-season field trips, most of their teachers are OCT with greater than five...”

Janine R


“It is nice that students are not just a test grade anymore — character is what counts the most. All schools should be like this.”

Iskender P


“You are doing what public schools can only talk about and wish they could accomplish.”

Paula S

Instructor, Cestar College of Business, Health...