20 Jul

The Principal of Cestar High School Got...

As we all know, China has always attached great importance to the University Entrance Examination. On July 8, the 2020 China University Entrance Examination ended. Around July 23, the nationwide results of the exam will be announced. The candidates will meet the first major turning point in their lives, and a new batch of graduates will choose to study abroad, especially study in Canada. Read More

01 Jun cestarhighschool

Cestar Success Story: Congratulations to Benedict...

Cestar High School has been adhering to the student-oriented and teaching-quality-oriented ideology. Even during the pandemic, Cestar still guarantees "no classes suspension under campus closed". Through the trinity teaching model, Cestar maintains the quality of teaching and the progress of learning. Students gained plenty of offers from famous universities recently! Read More

21 May summer program enrolling

Cestar High School Summer Classes, APPLY NOW!

Unconsciously, May has already come quietly, and summer is coming. It’s believed that many students and parents want to make good use of the time of summer vacation to join summer classes. Cestar High School is now open for register summer courses, accepting consultation, and registration from students and parents! Telephone: 647-896-6362. Read More

20 Apr Ontario Ministry of Education

Cestar High School received numerous praises from...

Since the Ontario Ministry of Education issued the order of school suspension on March 12 (Thursday), Cestar High School has closed the campus on March 16 (Monday), converting all offline face-to-face courses to the online form. The online courses offered include ESL courses, all grades English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, business, Mandarin, etc. Read More

11 Apr Ontario Ministry of Education

Cestar High School will continue online courses...

Cestar High School complies with the requirements of Ontario Education, continues to close the campus until April 23th, and converts all the courses to online format. Read More