20 Apr Ontario Ministry of Education

Cestar High School received numerous praises from students about online courses.

Since the Ontario Ministry of Education issued the order of school suspension on March 12 (Thursday), Cestar High School has closed the campus on March 16 (Monday), converting all offline face-to-face courses to the online form. The online courses offered include ESL courses, all grades English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, business, Mandarin, etc.

Cestar uses the platform of Adobe Connect to provide students with online live courses. The course time and content completely extend the offline courses to ensure that all courses are closely connected. Courses and studying are continued although the campus is closed, and the valuable time of students is never wasted. During the live broadcasts of courses, teachers and students can communicate in real-time. After classes, teachers provide guidance for students targeting the weak points of knowledge, fully guaranteeing the quality of teaching, and minimizing the impact of campus closure on students.

In addition, Cestar also recorded the entire course of live broadcasts, and upload course videos and teaching materials to the Moodle teaching system, allowing students to review at any time after classes. At the same time, the online school provides learning opportunities for students with the videos and other materials who cannot participate in the live broadcast course.

Since the beginning of the online course, Cestar has received numerous praises from many students. Students said that the teaching effect of the online course is no different from the original offline teaching. They are lucky of choosing Cestar High School because the learning progress has not been affected by the epidemic. Among them, the most representative is Richard’s evaluation of the 12th-grade chemistry class:

“During my time in this class, I have learned many topics about chemistry. My teacher was able to teach me all the topics in detail, provided assistance when I needed help, and made the class enjoyable. The evaluations were straightforward and fair. I had an amazing time during this online class and I would strongly recommend other students to take classes at this school.”


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