26 Dec How To Enjoy Toronto City On A Student’s Budget

Top 10 Weekend Travel Destinations For Toronto...

Canada attracts students from all over the world, both at the high school and higher education levels. Toronto, in particular, is one of the biggest student destinations in the world. The city is highly multicultural and multilingual, which makes it easy for people from different ethnic groups to fit in. Read More

04 Dec Ways To Thrive During Exam Periods

5 Tips For Staying Healthy During Exams

The exam season is usually a stressful period that can lead to students focusing entirely on their studies while disregarding their health. Even upper-level students who have sat for dozens of exams before have a tendency to go a little crazy, get grumpy, and definitely get off the tracks in terms of healthy eating and exercise. Read More

27 Nov Canadian High School

Why Canada Is A Destination Place To Study High...

Canada as a country is faultless in just about every area. It has been affirmed as having the best reputation in the world on multiple occasions, and claimed the top spot in an assortment of categories ranging from the best place to study to the best place to live. In addition, Canada has ranked high for visiting, working, and investing. Read More

06 Nov Public School vs. Private School

Public School vs. Private School: Which One’s...

Education is an invaluable tool for preparing children for successful lives. But for many parents, finding the right learning environment involves more than simply selecting the nearest public school. Parents are increasingly aware of the importance of accounting for learning differences in the classroom environment. Read More

11 Oct The Benefits Of A Targeted Study Plan

Why Students Today Thrive With A Customised Study...

A customised study plan is based on the premise that no two students learn the same way or at the same pace. So rather than forcing students through a one-size-fits-all learning model, a custom study plan provides students with a personalised approach that takes into account their personal learning needs, strengths, aspirations, and preexisting knowledge. Read More