20 Jul

The Principal of Cestar High School Got Interviewed by China Hubei Media Group

As we all know, China has always attached great importance to the University Entrance Examination. On July 8, the 2020 China University Entrance Examination ended. Around July 23, the nationwide results of the exam will be announced. The candidates will meet the first major turning point in their lives, and a new batch of graduates will choose to study abroad, especially study in Canada. Recently, the principal of Cestar High School was interviewed by China Hubei Media Group to introduce the basic knowledge of studying in Canada and answer common questions for students who are preparing to study in Canada.

Hubei Radio’s FM104.6 and AM774 will broadcast a program interviewing the principal of Cestar High School from 11:30 to 12:00 on July 24, Beijing time, on the hot topic of studying in Canada after the University Entrance Examination. The Radio program will last for around 30 minutes. Stay tuned and pay attention to the program.


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