06 Nov

Canada may open immigration to foreigners, and...

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the previous goal from the Canadian government of attracting 300,000 new immigrants by 2020 may not be completed. At present, the Canadian government is considering reducing the difficulty of immigrating to Canada, especially for foreign citizens currently holding various visas in Canada. Read More

06 Oct

Important Policy Update: Canada Fully Allows...

International Students are Allowed to Enter Last Friday (October 2), Canada Minister of Immigration Marco Mendicino announced that starting from October 20, 2020, international students studying in designated educational institutions in Canada will be allowed to enter Canada. Read More

23 Sep

Cestar High School is opening new Grade 12...

In September of the golden autumn, the maple leaf slowly turns red, and it's another year of university application season. Do you know that the score of ENG4U in Grade 12 English class is very important? Do you know that universities will not issue offers without the score of ENG4U? Are you still worried about when school online classes will open? Don't worry about all this! Read More

17 Aug

2020 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings:...

2020 has passed halfway, and various global university rankings have also been released. As early as April 22, 2020, first world university ranking, the 2020 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings was released. Many people are not familiar with this ranking because this is the second edition that has just been released since its birth last year. Read More

20 Jul

The Principal of Cestar High School Got...

As we all know, China has always attached great importance to the University Entrance Examination. On July 8, the 2020 China University Entrance Examination ended. Around July 23, the nationwide results of the exam will be announced. The candidates will meet the first major turning point in their lives, and a new batch of graduates will choose to study abroad, especially study in Canada. Read More