17 Aug

2020 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings: Canada’s Prestigious Universities Got Excellent Results Again!

2020 has passed halfway, and various global university rankings have also been released. As early as April 22, 2020, first world university ranking, the 2020 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings was released.

Many people are not familiar with this ranking because this is the second edition that has just been released since its birth last year. The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings is different from traditional university rankings which examine the number of papers published/cited, admission requirements, graduate employment, industry reputation, international level, student satisfaction, etc. It is currently the only university ranking on the market that uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to evaluate universities.

There are 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: No poverty; Zero hunger; Good health and well-being; Quality education; Gender equality; Clean water and sanitation; Affordable and clean energy; Decent work and economic growth; Industry innovations and infrastructure; Reduced inequalities; Sustainable cities and communities; Responsible consumption and production; Climate action; Life below water; Life on land; Peace, justice and strong institutions; Partnerships for the goals.

These metrics show the social and economic impact of universities from the perspectives of climate action, gender equality, good health, and well-being. As the name of this ranking implies, this is a list that measures the social influence and social value of universities. In addition to teaching level and research strength, universities also play an important role in assuming social responsibilities, ensuring social justice, and promoting social transformation. Therefore, this list is of great significance in measuring the social influence of universities.

The ranking released this time totally includes 766 colleges and universities from 85 countries and regions. These schools have all submitted relevant data on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which have had positive impacts on the global environment and social development.
In the rankings, Canadian universities also achieved good results as always. Among the top 50 in the world, 9 Canadian universities are on the list, and 13 of the top 100 are Canadian universities. University of British Columbia even achieved an excellent score of 7th in the Top10!

Among the 17 sub-items, University of Toronto ranks 1st globally in Industry, innovation, and infrastructure; UBC ranks 1st in Climate action and Life below water, and 3rd in Life on land; University of Waterloo ranked 2nd in No poverty, and 3rd for Zero hunger, 5th for Life below water; University of Western Ontario ranked 10th for No poverty and 7th for Zero hunger.
It can be found obviously from the ranking that Canadian universities not only have a high level of education and strong research capabilities, but also lead the world in terms of social responsibility.

As the world’s top public research university, the University of Toronto is also recognized as Canada’s number one higher education institution in terms of overall strength. The global ranking has consistently ranked within the top 20 in the world. UT has the world’s top three library systems, preceded only to Harvard and Yale. The number of scientific research papers published by UT every year is second only to Harvard University, and the number of citations of papers ranks among the top 5 in the world. The main academic contributions include but are not limited to: the discovery of stem cells and insulin, the invention and development of electronic pacemakers, multi-touch technology, electron microscopes, anti-G suits, Non-deterministic Polynomial Complete, and the discovery of the first certified black hole, the birthplace of deep learning and modern artificial intelligence.

University of British Columbia (UBC) is known as “the most beautiful campus in North America”, attracting many students from all over the world to study every year. It is especially good at scientific research. It is a world-class research university. It is known internationally for its rigorous teaching and high quality, which cultivated 8 Nobel Prize winners, 3 Canadian Prime Ministers, 71 Rhodes Scholars, 58 Olympic champions, and 266 members of the Royal Society of Canada. UBC has always remained at the forefront of Canadian domestic rankings and is one of the world’s top public universities. In 2019, UBC published more than 10,000 papers in international academic forums, and the number of citations of papers is among the top three in North America.

University of Waterloo is known for its largest engineering college in Canada and is known as the MIT of Canada. UW has the world’s largest mathematics college and the world’s largest mathematics and computer education and research center. Its mathematics, computer science and engineering teaching level rank the top in the world and the first in Canada. In addition, the college of engineering at UW has the best software engineering, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering in Canada. UW is the first institution in Canada to provide CO-OP cooperative internship education courses. Students can get opportunities to study and internship in the subjects they study.

The Ivey Business School of the University of Western Ontario is the most famous. Ivey and Harvard University are the two birthplaces of common law education in North America. Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry enjoys a very high international reputation and influence and has achieved world-renowned achievements in the field of miniaturized and low-consumption surgical procedures. As one of the oldest universities in Canada, the University of Western Ontario’s business and medical majors have a pivotal position in Canada, and it’s also in the top ten among the comprehensive ranking of Canadian domestic universities.

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