23 Sep

Cestar High School is opening new Grade 12 English classes, allowing you to receive the first batch of admission letters in 2021!

In September of the golden autumn, the maple leaf slowly turns red, and it’s another year of university application season.

Do you know that the score of ENG4U in Grade 12 English class is very important?
Do you know that universities will not issue offers without the score of ENG4U?
Are you still worried about when school online classes will open?

Don’t worry about all this!
Cestar High School is opening new grade 12 English classes. Starting from October 19, the mode of small class size with less than 5 students + online video live course will also be adopted.

Submit your scores as early as possible, start the university application in 2021 at the earliest, and get the first batch of admission offers and the first batch of scholarships!

Scan the QR code now and contact the enrollment teacher of Cestar High School for registration consultation!


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