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Cestar Success Story: Congratulations to Benedict Liang for achieving offers to the three major campuses of the University of Toronto!

Cestar High School has been adhering to the student-oriented and teaching-quality-oriented ideology. Even during the pandemic, Cestar still guarantees “no classes suspension under campus closed”. Through the trinity teaching model, Cestar maintains the quality of teaching and the progress of learning. Students gained plenty of offers from famous universities recently!


Benedict Liang studied at CIC Columbia International College previously. When he transferred to Cestar High School, the counselor arranged required courses after fully understanding what Benedict needed. With several months of course studying, after-class tutoring, and checking for gaps, grades of Benedict have been significantly improved. Before the application season, he received advice from all his teachers to set the University of Toronto as the goal of further education. Then he made some other supplements like some important elective courses for the application. During the application season, under the guidance of the university application instructor, Benedict carefully wrote the documents, repeatedly modified and adjusted, grasped each application time point, and finally successfully got all offers from the three major campuses of the University of Toronto!

three major campuses of the University of Toronto

The experience of Benedict at Cestar High School is the epitome of all students. Students have different levels of foundations at the time of their enrollment, and the elective teachers thoroughly understand each student and arrange subject courses according to their abilities, respectively. Then each teacher teaches seriously in classes, patiently answers questions after class, checks for deficiencies, and ensures that every student thoroughly understands all the knowledge points of the course. During the application season, one-on-one guidance is set up by the university application instructors, they combine appropriate target institutions for students to accurately grasp the application process, ensure that students get admission to prestigious schools.

Cestar High School, as the largest and most responsible private high school in Toronto, has always taken student achievement as the foundation and set the admission results of prestigious schools as the core goal, escorting each student’s dream of the prestigious schools and realizing the ideal of their lives.


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