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How Cestar High School Can Help You Get Accepted to a Canadian University

You could argue that the entire purpose of high school is to prepare yourself for university, and in many ways, you wouldn’t be wrong! High school will teach you the essential knowledge in key subjects to help you decide your program, and ensure you are able to hit the ground running when you arrive.

It allows you to explore different educational opportunities and styles, and can start streaming your experience to pursue your path. You also learn how to build relationships with your peers and teachers in a more professional capacity and perhaps even begin to take your learning outside of the classroom with co-operative education or specialist major programs.

That said, a good high school experience will also help you with the transition to university and doing as much as they can to help get you accepted into your school of choice. At Cestar, we believe that part of our role is to help you get to the next stage, and so we ensure that you have all the resources you need to be successful and get accepted into your dream school! From the education you receive, to student support, and application assistance, we are here to help facilitate your move to university!

Read on to see what sets us apart and how we can get you accepted to the Canadian university of your choice!

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Educational Experience

At the very minimum to be accepted into university in Canada, you will need to complete your high school diploma at an accredited school, so simply completing your studies at Cestar will put you at that level. However, merely completing your diploma is not enough! You need to ensure that you have all the prerequisites for your specific program, for which the minimum requirement is typically grade 12 english. Aside from that, your marks should also meet a certain threshold, which is program-dependent and may change from year to year.

At Cestar, we take this part of your journey seriously and so offer an extensive educational program spanning six subject areas to ensure you are able to meet your prerequisites. We also focus on project-based learning, a method often taught in universities that will help prepare you for new learning styles and class formats, and give you valuable real-world experience that can set your application apart. We will also help you create a customized study plan that meets your unique needs and the needs of your desired school, so you are prepared well in advance of your application coming due!

That said, there is so much more to education that grades and classroom learning, and universities will look for students who are well-rounded with extra curriculars. These should include both things you are already interested in, to show your passions, but also include one or two wild cards that show you are willing to stretch your limits and be exposed to new things- this makes you look dynamic and engaged! At Cestar High School, we offer various sports and clubs both at lunch breaks and after school, as well as encouraging trips outside of the classroom to expand on classroom learning, such as at museums, galleries, camping, and to other cities such as Montreal and Quebec.

At Cestar, you can expect an educational experience that sets you apart from other schools, as well as a dedication to student support that can’t be beat.

Counselling and Support

The success of our students is incredibly important to us at Cestar High School, and we know that this can help play a vital role in getting accepted to university. As noted above, we’ll help you develop a personalized study plan to ensure you meet all the requirements of your preferred program and school, without worry.

We also pride ourselves on offering extensive student services, such as OSSLT prep (a must-pass for university acceptance), after school tutoring, and guidance programs for a variety of needs. When it comes to university specifically, we guarantee you’ll have all the support you need to get accepted.

We offer university preparation workshops and training to help you with your admission requirements, like essays or letters of intent, as well as how to navigate the transition. For those that aren’t sure where they want to go or exactly what they want to study, we can help you narrow down programs and schools, so you can find the best fit for you, and understand what each school offers.

Since you have a limited number of applications, we want to ensure you are choosing the best options for you, and that means weighing the programs, accommodations, extra-curriculars, and standing of the university, all of which we are experts in! For questions we can’t answer, we’ll bring in counsellors from the universities themselves who can provide the most up-to-date information about the school, admissions, and any other need to know items. Or, we’ll take you directly to the school itself to see what it’s like in-person and if you can see yourself living and studying there for the next four plus years.

We know this isn’t a decision you take lightly, and neither do we. Our staff and teachers are here to support you throughout the process and ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice about your applications.

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The Application Process

The final step pre-acceptance is the application process, and luckily, we’re also prepared to help you navigate through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) and get your applications in correctly, on time.

At Cestar High School, we offer one on one application counselling for students to help them set up their OUAC account and ensure they have all the requisite information, as this differs for international students and residents, and there are specific requirements to be able to apply to a university in Canada. All applications must go through OUAC, and they do cost a bit, so we know it’s important to get it right the first time!

Once you’ve applied, all you need to do is keep studying hard, ensure your grades meet the requirements for your school, and wait for the good news to come through! We’re confident that we can help you achieve your dreams through educational excellence, ongoing support and counselling, and application assistance.

If you want to learn more about how Cestar can help you prepare to be accepted into your Canadian university of choice or how to enroll, you can contact us today!


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