22 Feb How Does A Private High School Help International Students Assimilate?

How Does A Private High School Help International Students Assimilate?

Many international students look to Canada as an ideal location to attend high school and learn about a different culture.

Canada is a prosperous, open, friendly, and beautiful place to live and many people hope to call home one day. Attending a private high school in Canada is a great way to get a feel for the culture and start the journey towards becoming a new Canadian.

One of the challenges any international student might face is how they will integrate into the new society and assimilate their own past experiences and values into Canadian life. Attending a private high school in Ontario offers many ways in which to get used to the new customs and environment in Canada.

We’ve put together a list of ways in which private high school can give international students all the experience and skills they need to embrace the Canadian way of life and enjoy their new home. Read on to find out more!

Two girls at private high school in toronto

Small Class Sizes

One of the biggest benefits of private high schools in Toronto is their typically smaller class sizes compared to public high schools.

Despite Ontario having some of the smallest class sizes in North America, public high school classes can still reach over 20 students per teacher. This can lead to teachers not being able to spend as much time with each individual student as they would like to provide a comprehensive learning environment. Similarly, even though larger classes have more students in them, it can be a lonelier environment for international students as they can get lost in the crowd and struggle to develop friendships with their classmates.

Private high schools offer even smaller class sizes than public high schools, allowing teachers to spend more time with each student. It also allows students to interact more directly with each other in a smaller group, encouraging conversation and friendships more readily than in larger class sizes. This is ideal for international students looking to meet new people and make new friends in their new surroundings.

Close Knit Community

Similar to smaller class sizes, private high schools in Toronto tend to have closely knit communities that cater to international students.

Public high schools will, of course, have many community events and clubs to join for all students. However, as there are often so many students in these schools, international students can feel lost of overwhelmed and struggle to connect to any group of students. This can lead to feelings of isolation, and even negatively impact academic performance.

Due to the smaller student cohorts in private high schools, their communities tend to be closer and more closely knit in comparison. With small class sizes, students tend to get to know each other better and are more encouraged to join extracurricular activities and events. This can help international students assimilate into Canadian life and get a taste of the different aspects of local life they might have missed out on otherwise.

One-on-One Access To Teachers

Smaller class sizes also usually means more focused attention from teachers with their students.

Public high schools usually have class sizes of up to 20 students, forcing teachers to split their time between 20 different students over the course of the day. This can often lead to students feeling like they aren’t being heard and can lead to extra confusion over certain areas of the curriculum. This can be especially frustrating for international students where English may not be their first language and they require a bit more attention to feel comfortable with the learning material.

The smaller class sizes generally offered by private high schools in Toronto means that teachers only have to divide their attention amongst 10 or so students, allowing them to give more time to each student individually. This allows them to give that extra attention that many international students might need, and allow them to feel more confident in their academic work and their language skills. This is vital to proper assimilation and can make all the difference in the world for an international student recently arrived to Canada.

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Culture Immersion

Many believe that the best way to integrate into a new culture is to completely immerse yourself in it, and private high schools in Toronto are an ideal way to do this.

In a private high school, international students are immediately immersed in Canadian life. They interact with other Canadians, speak the local language, learn about local customs and events, and generally get a sense for what Canada is like as a new home. Fellow students will be able to give international students insight into their lives as Canadians, and show them the best spots around town to enjoy.

Culture immersion is also the best way to improve language skills, which will be crucial for international students to properly assimilate and develop friendships and a life in Canada. By speaking English or French every day at school with teachers and classmates, international students are encouraged to practice their language skills and improve rapidly.

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