29 Jan How To Enrol For A Toronto Private High School

How To Enrol For A Toronto Private High School?

Getting your child into a private high school can be a difficult task.

Many schools have wait lists, they are highly competitive, not to mention their fees can stretch into the tens of thousands of dollars per year. Then there is the confusing process of actually applying to the school!

So how do you go about putting together an application package for a private high school enrolment in Toronto?

While each school will likely have some unique element to their application process, we have put together the general outline of what a typical private school application will look like in Toronto.

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Application Package

The first step is obviously putting together your application package. This will be a collection of documents and forms that gives the school all the information they need about you and your child to make a decision on whether to accept your private high school enrolment.

There may be some variation between schools, but in general the application will consist of the following elements.

Photocopy of applicant’s Photo ID

Much like many official applications, the photocopy of an official government ID is required for private high school application. Acceptable forms of ID generally include health cards, photo ID cards, passports, student cards, and drivers license photos. The photocopy can usually be in black and white, but if you have a colour printer you might want to include a colour photocopy to be safe.

The Admission Application Form

The most important part of the application package is the completed application form. This will be a form unique to each educational institution and will ask a variety of questions related to general administration as well as prior schooling. It can cover things like number of completed schooling years, where you were at school previously, current address, contact information, school fees, and more. This can be completed with clear handwriting on occasionally directly on the computer if the application form is in an editable PDF format. In Toronto, this form needs to be completed in English to allow for correct assessment by the school, unless otherwise stated by the institution.

Transcript from the last three years

A transcript for the past three years of schooling is also often required to ensure the student meets the minimum educational requirements. Each year in the Toronto private high school system has a certain level of assumed knowledge associated with it, which means that any student looking to enrol in a private high school will need to meet these requirements. If they do not, they may have to take certain bridging courses or enter a lower year than they had initially applied for. This form also needs to be completed in English, or have a certified English translation of a transcript in another language.

Proof of study statement

Similar to the transcript, the proof of study statement includes any time spent at school and the grades achieved in each subject. This needs to be provided by the child’s previous school and clearly show their academic achievements and which subjects they have undertaken. Again, this will need to be in English or come with an accompanying certified English translation to proceed with the private high school enrolment.

Application Fee

The final element of a private high school enrolment package will be attaching the non-refundable application fee. This will vary between schools, but typically ranges between $100 to up to $300. The methods of payment which are accepted will also depend on the institution and could be either cash, cheque, e-Transfer, or bank draft.

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Once you have all the above documents put together and accurate, it’s time to submit the application.

This can usually be done in several ways including by mail, in person, via email, or through fax. Which methods are accepted will depend on the individual private high school in Toronto, so make sure you check with your admissions liaison regarding which ones they prefer. Ensure your contact details are accurate so that the school may contact you in the event anything is incorrect in your application, or if they have any questions. General processing times for a private high school application can be anywhere from a few weeks to over six months depending on the waitlist.


The final stage in the private high school enrolment process is the acceptance letter.

This will usually be an official letter sent to your provided address that states your child is receiving an official invitation to attend your chosen school. In some cases, no further action is required and your attendance is now confirmed. In other cases, you will need to respond to the invitation and indicate that you would like to accept the invitation to confirm the enrolment. Once this is complete, your child is now ready to attend your chosen private high school and create the brightest future possible!

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