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Programs And Courses Offered At Cestar High School

Cestar High School proudly offers an abundant number of programs that not only adheres to the Ontario School Board curriculum but programs that are unique and of great interest to the students that go to the school as well.

We pride ourselves in setting up our students for success for years down the road, especially for post secondary education. That’s why all the classes we offer cater to the personal and professional development of our students.

To find out all the classes we offer here at Cestar High School, here it is all broken down by subject:


Students will get to work on their oral and communication skills through various individual and group projects and reading a variety of texts including classic novels, plays and poetry. Students will dissect the themes, provide character analysis and summaries on the readings they’re assigned and participate in classroom discussions to unpack it all and engage with the text in a meaningful way.

Students will take part in solo and group presentations, group work and write essays on topics that follow the class readings as a way to help prep them for their post secondary career to come. They’ll be taught the fundamentals of how to structure a proper essay, develop a thesis and how to showcase that through supporting points. For international students who are still practicing their English, our staff is highly experienced and equipped to help those students get up to speed and give them the tools to improve their language skills as well.


From biology, physics, chemistry and everything in-between, our immersive science program covers everything students need to know in a hands-on setting. Our classes are taught in state-of-the-art classrooms with a laboratory setting which features equipment that can be found in the real world. These classes are taught by the brightest instructors in their fields who expertly guide students through all the subject matter, so they’re confidently equipped to enter a university-level science class upon graduation.

Under the same umbrella, as of 2019 Cestar High School is proud to offer their brand new Technological Design and Environment class, as well as Manufacturing Technology, both for grade 11 students. Much like the other science classes offered, these courses are also hand-on and taught in an innovative embedded system lab and analytical chemistry lab, by teachers who bring years of experience to the table.

Private high school student in math class.


Our experienced professors will teach students all the fundamentals and disciplines of mathematics from grade 9 and straight into grade 12. From functions (linear, quadratic and trigonometric), Data Management (statistics) and Calculus and Vectors — students are taught all the fundamentals as required by the Ontario curriculum. This course is crucial especially for students looking to pursue a career in the sciences or engineering where having a meaningful understanding of these concepts are crucial.


Business is quite possibly one of the most lucrative subjects that are taught with real life application in mind. Cestar High School offers business classes that teach theory and management, where they’re taught basic accounting and bookkeeping practices that can be applied to their own life. These skills are not only applicable to students considering a career in that field but also great for future employment opportunities.

Canadian and World Studies

Cestar High School has a diverse student body and we pride ourselves on offering classes that reflect that. When it comes to geography, history and law, these courses are taught with a Canadian and/or world focus, so students can acquaint themselves with the history and geography of their own home here and the distant home of others. These classes are guaranteed to flex students’ research skills, writing and critical thinking — which is ideal for those considering to pursue a post-secondary career.

Social Sciences

While enrolled in courses such as philosophy, sociology and psychology, students will be able to exercise their communication skills and critical thinking. From essay analysis, group activities and presentation — students can be assured that their interpersonal skills and critical analysis will be challenged, refined and polished, setting them up for success for their entire educational career.

 Private high school students in Toronto working on group project.

Project Based Learning

In addition to the variety of courses offered, Cestar High School offers a project based learning program, that’s quite unique in its approach and unlike anything that’s offered in more traditional high school settings. These projects are strategically made so they enrich and benefit the community that the students work in. These projects help students practice and use real-world problem solving, communication and presentation skills, in this unique and open-format style of education. It’s something that international students can benefit from as well, with language support available every step of the way.

Cestar College is proud to offer a well-rounded and robust curriculum that sets up students for success throughout their high school career and beyond. If you have not yet enrolled your child with us, contact us today to find out how we stand out from the rest and provide a high school experience unlike any other.


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