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How Cestar High School Supports Students Outside of the Classroom

When it comes to educating students, especially high school students, there is much more than learning in-class to support both learning and student success. High school can also be a time of change, uncertainty, and self-doubt for many students and schools must prepare them to navigate these changes in a healthy, engaged way.

At Cestar High School, we know this is essential, and so have built a strong foundation of student services, extracurricular opportunities, and other support systems to ensure our students are confident and well prepared both in and out of the classroom.

Here, we’ll break down the different services and activities offered by Cestar to help support our students outside of the classroom walls, to ensure they are prepared for post-secondary education and beyond. After all, that’s the whole reason they are here!

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Student Services

While classroom learning is important, not everyone learns at the same pace or needs the same level of support. There may also be other concerns happening outside of the classroom that students need assistance with, whether that is trouble at home, with friends, or in preparing for life after high school. In order to set our students up for success, we’ve ensured that we have a wide range of student services designed to do just this, that are built into their tuition and ensure they

In regards to academic success, we offer OSSLT and English training, course selection guidance, and one-on-one tutoring when needed. We also help students prepare for post-secondary education through one-on-one application counselling, to help them navigate one of the most important decisions they will make about their education.

Communication with our students is essential so we can monitor their progress and ensure they are receiving the right support, so we strive to maintain regular follow-ups and invitations to participate in school activities, so no one is left behind. With these services, we can ensure our students receive the support they need to succeed in the classroom, but also help prepare them for the next steps in their lives.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Speaking of activities, at Cestar, we understand that extracurricular activities are an essential part of the high school experience and provide a myriad of benefits for students. Studies show that participation in extracurricular activities improves academic performance and support higher self-esteem and social engagement. Not to mention, they boost resumes and applications to universities and colleges by demonstrating essential life skills and passion!

While we offer the traditional intramural sports and clubs for students to participate in during lunch breaks and after school, we also encourage our teachers to take learning outside the classroom on trips around the city and outside of Ontario. Some examples of these trips include visiting provincial courts, cities like Ottawa and Montreal, or going camping and skiing. These opportunities allow our students to meet new people, expand their horizons, develop leadership skills, and be active in their communities and in nature.

Taking students out of their traditional environments allows them to experience a different way of learning, and engage with course material beyond textbooks and blackboards. It also encourages self-confidence, independence, and social skills that will help students make the transition from high school to university and beyond.

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University Prep

When preparing students for life outside the classroom, university prep might be the first thing that comes to mind. While they are preparing for a different kind of classroom, the transition is a significant one and a large part of the high school experience. Here at Cestar, we take this seriously and make helping out students prep for university one of our top priorities.

Firstly, we help students set up their Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) accounts and answer any questions they have about the setup and application process. This is essential as all applications to any Ontario schools will have to go through this portal, and it needs to be done right! In tandem to this, we run other workshops and training to help with determining requirements, how to meet them, write letters of intent, and the like. Our goal is to make the application process as easy as possible for our students.

We know how important it is to ensure you find the right school, so we provide extensive guidance and counselling. Cestar High School is here to help you choose the right program and school for you based on your goals, review student accommodations, and other offerings that set each university apart and ensure you choose the right fit. After all, university is about so much more than your major, and we want to help you find the program and school that makes the most sense for you, as an individual.

Finally, we’ll also bring in university admissions counsellors to give you the most up-to-date information on their programs, and take you on tours of major universities so you can see what the campus is like and see how it would feel to be a student there. We want to make the decision-making process as easy as possible and ensure that our students have all the tools they need to make an informed decision, rather than just ensuring they have the right grades and courses to be accepted.

But that’s not all Cestar has to offer you! We’re serious about offering you the best possible experience, beyond student services, extra-curriculars, and university placement.

Other Support Opportunities

At Cestar, we truly understand the value of supporting our students outside of the classroom, across all aspects of their education. That is why we offer domestic and international scholarships and tutor waiver programs, one-on-one learning in and out of the classroom, guaranteed admission to a Cestar college program, and full resource access across the high school and college.

If you want to ensure that you have the best education in and out of the classroom, and are prepared for life beyond high school, contact Cestar High School today to learn more about our program, tour the school, and set yourself up for all-around success!


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