29 Nov What Are The Benefits Of Sending My Child To Private High School?

What Are The Benefits Of Sending My Child To...

Choosing which school to send your child to can be a daunting experience for many parents. Not only do you need to weigh up the location and cost of your prospective schools, but you need to take into consideration your child’s learning style, their temperament, and the reputation of the school you will send them to. Read More

03 Nov How Much Does Private High School Cost?

How Much Does Private High School Cost?

Sending your child to private school is one of the biggest financial decisions in a parent’s life. Whilst public schools do not cost anything to attend, private schools are infamous for their often extremely extremely high tuition fees. Read More

01 Jan College And University Application 101: All You Need To Know

To-Do List For Applying To Colleges And...

Many teens are okay cruising through high school and letting other factors influence what happens after graduation. Oftentimes they need to be pushed to think about their future and plan for it. Read More

26 Dec How To Enjoy Toronto City On A Student’s Budget

Top 10 Weekend Travel Destinations For Toronto...

Canada attracts students from all over the world, both at the high school and higher education levels. Toronto, in particular, is one of the biggest student destinations in the world. The city is highly multicultural and multilingual, which makes it easy for people from different ethnic groups to fit in. Read More

04 Dec Ways To Thrive During Exam Periods

5 Tips For Staying Healthy During Exams

The exam season is usually a stressful period that can lead to students focusing entirely on their studies while disregarding their health. Even upper-level students who have sat for dozens of exams before have a tendency to go a little crazy, get grumpy, and definitely get off the tracks in terms of healthy eating and exercise. Read More