01 Apr Ontario Ministry of Education

Cestar High School will continue online courses...

Cestar High School complies with the requirements of Ontario Education, continues to close the campus until April 13th, and converts all the courses to online format. Read More

13 Feb Students wearing backpacks walking towards building

How Cestar High School Can Help You Get Accepted...

You could argue that the entire purpose of high school is to prepare yourself for university, and in many ways, you wouldn’t be wrong! High school will teach you the essential knowledge in key subjects to help you decide your program, and ensure you are able to hit the ground running when you arrive. Read More

09 Jan Close up of four Cestar High School students smiling

How Cestar High School Supports Students Outside...

When it comes to educating students, especially high school students, there is much more than learning in-class to support both learning and student success. High school can also be a time of change, uncertainty, and self-doubt for many students and schools must prepare them to navigate these changes in a healthy, engaged way. Read More

13 Dec toronto private high school

Tips on Transitioning from High School to College...

Making the move from high school to university is often made out to be one of the most daunting transitions for young adults. Compared to the relative stability and routine of high school, university can seem like a complete unknown. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! Read More

21 Nov Benefits of Doing a Homestay Program

Benefits of Doing a Homestay Program

It can be an exciting but scary journey to leave home and stay with a new family in an unfamiliar country. Cestar’s international high school in Toronto offers an amazing and safe opportunity for international students to leave home and learn abroad in a nurturing environment. Jump into this article to learn about why you should consider a homestay program in Toronto with Cestar High School! Read More